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Climate Change and Fundamental Science Modeling Topic for Friday, Nov. 13

climate-modelingDr. Melissa R. Allen, post-doctoral researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, will present “Climate Variability and Change: What Fundamental Science and Modeling Tell Us” at the next UT Science Forum Friday, November 13.

Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe famously stated in 2005 that climate change is “the biggest hoax ever pulled on the entire human population,” and that the climate change debate should be based not on “religion,” but on fundamental principles of science.  The consensus among world scientists as of the 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Fourth Assessment report was that global warming is occurring unequivocally and that the warming is caused by human activity. That report and the subsequent 2014 Fifth Assessment Report support this consensus with a multitude of fundamental studies. Dr. Allen will share some of the scientific principles and methods that inform those studies and discuss the capabilities and limitations of what they tell us about earth’s future.

The 40-minute presentation is followed by an audience Q&A at the UT Thompson-Boling Arena Cafe, Rooms C-D. Audience members are encouraged to bring their lunch or purchase it from the Cafe.

The UT Science Forum is free and open to the public.

Please note: This will be our last meeting in the Arena Cafe for the year. Our final meeting this semester (Friday, Nov. 20) will take place in the UT Visitors Center.