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Professor Washington-Allen to discuss rangelands in the United States at the next UT Science Forum

rangelands-washington-allen-talkRobert A. Washington-Allen, assistant professor of geography, will present “What Are Rangelands and What Is Happening to Them?” at the next UT Science Forum Friday, October 28.

A number of different US federal agencies have responsibility for monitoring and assessing the degree of land degradation in rangelands. Yet, the definition of rangelands differs between these agencies and thus the extent of what is monitored differs, which leads to different conclusions on the amount of land degradation.  Additionally, rangelands cover almost 50 percent of the United State’s land area and are highly water-limited, which makes them both difficult to monitor at the national spatial scale and difficult to separate management-driven causes of degradation, i.e., livestock grazing, from the impacts of drought.  In his talk, Professor Washington-Allen will introduce a definition of rangelands and progress towards monitoring land degradation in rangelands using remote sensing.

The UT Science Forum takes place Friday, October 28 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. in the Thompson-Boling Arena Cafe (located at 1600 Phillip Fulmer Way), Rooms C-D.

Guests are encouraged to bring their lunch or purchase it from the arena. Each presentation is followed by a Q&A. The event is free and open to the public.

Additionally, this year, we have temporary parking passes available for our guests who do not have UT parking passes. An RSVP is required for the pass. Please email Amanda Womac for more details.