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Fall 2019 Science Forum Videos

September 6: The Impacts of Climate Change: Exploring the Latest Assessment Report
Edmund Perfect, Professor, UT Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

September 13: Solving Energy Hunger with Molten Salt Reactors

Ondrej Chvala, UT research assistant professor of nuclear engineering

September 20: The Wild, Wild Wet: Ancient People of the Florida Everglades

Jennifer Green, doctoral student, UT Department of Anthropology

October 11: Soap Bubbles and Water Drops: Revealing Cellular Gossip

Andy Sarles, Associate Professor, UT Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering

October 25: What is an Ethical Scientist?

Jeffrey Kovac, Professor Emeritus, UT Department of Chemistry; Director UT College Scholars Program

November 1: Digging Up Myth at Mitrou, Greece

Aleydis Van de Moortel, Lindsey Young Professor and Head, UT Department of Classics



November 8: The Social Psychology of Cockroaches

Todd Freeberg, Professor, UT Department of Psychology and UT Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

November 15: Bats Aloft

Gary McCracken, Professor, UT Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

November 22: Why It Matters that Bacteria Get Sick Too

Alison Buchan, Carolyn W. Fite Professor, UT Department of Microbiology