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Illuminating the Brain: Raman Spectroscopic Methods for Neurochemical Sensing, March 1

The UT Science Forum presents “Illuminating the Brain: Raman Spectroscopic Methods for Neurochemical Sensing,” a presentation by Bhavya Sharma, associate professor in the UT Department of Chemistry, Friday, March 1 at noon. 

Diagnosing neurological conditions is difficult, especially in the early stages of disease, where there are little to no symptoms. Once people present with symptoms, the testing methods are often invasive, including blood draws, spinal taps, and sometimes surgery, to determine information about the health of the brain. In her presentation, Professor Sharma will share the work her research group is doing to develop novel, non-invasive methods that use light to penetrate the skin and skull to probe the health of the brain. 

Join us Friday, March 1 in room 321 of the Communications Building. A Zoom option is available, but registration is required. Register here for the March 1 Science Forum. Once registered, you will receive an email with access information.

Photo by Milad Fakurian on Unsplash