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Join us Friday, March 24 for “What We Thought We Knew: Investigation of Jezero Crater, Mars,” a presentation by Linda […]

Join us Friday, Feb. 24 for “A New Spin on Structural Control: Translating Toys into Earthquake Protection,” a presentation by […]

Join us Friday, Feb. 17 for Will the United States Continue to Produce Sugar?, a presentation by Karen L. DeLong, […]

Join us Friday, Feb. 10 as we kick off the spring 2023 Science Forum lecture series with John Schwartz, professor […]

We have finished our fall 2022 Science Forum lecture series. Thank you to everyone who attended the lectures and to […]

Join us Friday, Dec. 2 at noon for “What the 1980 Eruption of Mount St. Helens Taught Us,” a presentation […]

Join us Friday, Nov. 18 for “Flowering Dogwoods Suffer Pandemics Too,” a presentation by Robert Trigiano, UT chancellor’s professor and […]

Join us Friday, Nov. 11 for “Sociology and Science Fiction: What’s ‘Love’ Got to Do With It?,” a presentation by […]

Join us Friday, Nov. 24 for “Ancient Species Help Predict Effects of Modern Invasive Species,” a presentation by Alycia Stigall, […]

Join us Friday, Oct. 28 for “Forest Stand Improvement Practices to Enhance Wildlife Habitat,” a presentation by Craig A. Harper, […]