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What Lies Below: A multi-biome perspective, Nov. 12

feature-imageColleen Iverson, an ecosystem ecologist with the Climate Change Science Institute at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, will present “What Lies Below: A multi-biome perspective” Friday, November 12 at noon via Zoom.

The world is changing. Over the next several decades, ecosystems will respond to rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, warming, and increasingly variable precipitation patterns, in addition to weather that’s just plain ‘weird’. In order to understand and model current and future ecosystem responses to atmospheric and climatic change, ecologists are seeking a more holistic view of ecosystem processes. Iverson will explain how scientists are linking plant characteristics with biogeochemical cycling of carbon, water, and nutrients and reveal that some of the least understood processes remain hidden in the ground beneath our feet.

The lecture is free and open to the public, but registration is required. 

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Photo by Emma Gossett on Unsplash