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Spring 2019 Science Forum Videos

January 25: Knox County Mussels and Snails: The Good, the Bad, and the Gone
Gerry Dinkins, Curator of Malacology, McClung Museum; and Barbara Dinkins, Principal Scientist, Dinkins Biological Consulting

February 1: Fire Lovers and Body Snatchers: How Fungi Survive Fires
Brandon Matheny, Associate Professor, UT Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology


February 8: The Science of Fake News
Charlie Gee, Assistant Professor of Media Communications, Lincoln Memorial University


February 15: People and Climate Change
Lisa Reyes Mason, Assistant Professor & Director of the College of Social Work PhD program


February 22: NetZero: Four Projects from the UT Institute for Smart Structures
James Rose, Professor & Director, Institute for Smart Structures, UT School of Architecture & Design


March 1: Species Interactions in Forest Invastions: The Good, the Bad, and the Ungulate

Susan Kalisz, College of Arts & Sciences Excellence Professor and Head, UT Department Ecology & Evolutionary Biology


March 8: Solving the World’s Wicked Problems Through Local Sustainability Initiatives

Melissa Hinten, Lecturer & Director, Sustainability Program, UT Department of Geography


March 29: Skin Devouring Fungus: The Next Threat to Salamanders and to Biodiversity
Matthew Gray, Professor, UT Department of Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries


April 26: Life One Mile Below the Surface of the Earth
Dr. Karen Lloyd, Associate Professor, UT Department of Microbiology